World Outreach Ministry


Cuba Sylvan Hills Church of Christ began working with three Cuban preachers in 1999 after observing that a spiritual revival and receptivity to the Gospel was beginning to bear good fruit. Since then our level of involvement has increased to the selection of nine additional preachers and numerous evangelism outreach teachers and preachers in five of the eastern provinces. Including that first year, there have been more than 4,500 baptisms reported. We make annual site visits to these churches to encourage our Cuban brothers and sisters and this has helped to foster a deep love with each other. … “The fields are indeed white unto harvest.’ “
These are the men we support in CUBA:
Guantanamo Gustavo Stay
Santiago Enoc Mustelier
Santiago Alejandro Rivera
Abel Santamaria Gabriel Ramirez
Boniato Lazaro Cisneros
El Castillito Emigdio Ruano
San Luis Rodolfo Rosell
Bayamo Eliseo Colin
Las Tunas Sergio Leyva
Camaguey Santiago de Posada
Santa Cruz Santiago de Posada
Ciego de Avila Guillermo Monguia
Moron Kadir Monguia


Sylvan Hills’ first mission work in Mexico began in Rio Bravo in 1999. Teens from Sylvan Hills joined with teens from New Braunsfels, Texas to construct a church building. This congregation, the 26th Street Church of Christ, is now a thriving congregation. The church in New Braunsfels, TX currently provides financial support, which enables this congregation to employ a full-time preacher.
The second congregation that Sylvan Hills helped to establish is located in a rural area about two miles north of the city of Rio Bravo. The name of the community is El Triumfo. However, we refer to the congregation there as the Ranch Church of Christ. Monthly financial support from Sylvan Hills has enabled this congregation to employ a full time preacher since 2005. Attendance at Sunday worship services average about 65. Attendance at the Thursday evening mid-week services average about 35. The full time preacher is Pablo Silva who is pictured in the slide show with his wife, Josephina.
The third congregation that Sylvan Hills helped establish is The Valley Church of Christ. Monthly financial support from Sylvan Hills has also enabled this congregation to employ a full time preacher. His name is Arturo Parra.