Our History

History of Sylvan Hills Church of Christ
The Sylvan Hills congregation had its beginning in 1949. Several families began meeting in homes on Sunday afternoons and Wednesday nights. W. W. Woody, minister for the Central congregation in Little Rock would preach for the Sunday afternoon worship. As interest grew in the congregation and the need for more space, the group started meeting in an army quonset hut that served as Sherwood’s Community Center.
In 1951, property was purchased at the corner of Highway 5 (now highway 107) and Maryland Avenue. In 1952, the first auditorium was built. Over the years, as the church and its ministries have grown, we have acquired several surrounding pieces of property. The church now owns approx. 13 acres of land with many buildings surrounding the corner of Hwy 107 and West Maryland. This church has grown from 10 families to 310 families and still makes use of its original land and buildings.
Vester Jenkins Family
Robert Davis Family
Wayne Couch Family
John Hale Family
Doug Freeman Family
W. J. Mourot family
G. C. Kerr Family
Art Kelly Family
Faye Joyners
Virgil McInturff Family
Clarence Fowler 1958—1960
Wilbur Arnold 1958—1973
W. J. “Buck” Pierce 1958—1988
Tom Edwards 1960—1962
Doug Freeman 1960—1982 and 1988—2013
Julius Baird 1970
Bill Weeks 1973—1982
Elvis Sherrill 1973—1991
George Morris 1982—1988
Carrol Fletcher 1982—2007
Bill Owens 1984—1988
Wallace Randle 1984—2008
Larry Sheehy 1988—1993
Jerry Copeland 1992—1995
Gary Hill 1995—2006
Roy Buttrum 1995—2019
Larry Curtiss 2001—2007
Winston Horton 2001—2013
Allen Parker 2001—2008
Robert Wingfield 2001—2011
Michael Carger 2008—2014
Kyle McNeese 2008—2018
Doug Childress 2008—2021
Mike Marlar 2008—2013
Mike Mason 2008—2019
Anthony Brady 2012 – Present
Charles Fultz 2012 – 2018
Mark Fonville 2013 – 2020
Jim Couch 2013 – 2018
Jason Mounts 2017 – 2022
Tony Hill 2017 – Present
Aaron Bussard 2017 – Present
Quardrick Brumfield 2017 – Present
Sam Harper 1950—1953
Carrol Lumpkin 1953—1955
Worley Ferguson 1955—1958
Walter Calvert 1958—1960
Al Jolly 1961—1968
Robert Wingfield 1968—1981
Mike King 1981—1985
Allan Qualmann 1985—1991
Phil Thompson 1993—2004
Greg Clark 2005—present