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"Everything at Sylvan Hills revolves around spiritual formation.  We're not interested in putting more activities on the church calendar just to look busy.  Our objective is clear - formative ministries for formative experiences.  No matter where you are in your faith journey, you'll find a loving embrace at Sylvan Hills as together we pursue maturity in Christ."                                                                                          Greg Clark                                                                                               Preaching Minister

Our Beliefs

More Than a 5 Step Plan

     The “5 Step Plan” (Hear, Believe, Repent, Confess, and be Baptized) is an easy way to remember key elements in a sinner’s response to the gospel call.  The five steps come from a careful search of all New Testament scriptures dealing with how to enter into a saved relationship with the Lord.

    In this series you will explore even deeper the richness of the spiritual realities present within each of these action steps.  Spiritual birth involves more than checking off an itemized list. 

  There is something we must do to be saved (Acts 2:37), but don’t underestimate the incredible, awe-inspiring work God is doing at the same time!  Hearts are molded!  Minds are transformed!  The spiritual battle wages as the adversary seeks to reclaim what was once his.  Victory comes to those who let God shape them into something new!   

Spiritually Formative Hearing
Spiritually Formative Hearing.mp3
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Spiritually Formative Believing
Spiritually Formative Believing.mp3
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Spiritually Formative Repenting
Spiritually Formative Repenting.mp3
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Spiritually Formative Confessing
Spiritually Formative Confessing.mp3
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Spiritually Formative Baptism
Spiritually Formative Baptism.mp3
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Spiritually Formative Faithful Living
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More Than 5 Acts

     Worship is an awesome privilege!  In the worship assembly, people of various levels of spiritual maturity gather for one purpose – to glorify God!  As we give thanks to Him and praise His name, our lives are transformed.  He molds our hearts and matures our thinking in Christ.  Worship is much more than a 5 point check list, it’s an encounter with the Creator!

   In this series of messages you will be challenged to think deeper about the spiritually formative aspect of everything you do in the worship assembly.  The externals acts of worship are meant to lead you to an authentic experience of worship.   Without the correct externals there is apostasy – without the correct posture of the heart there is hypocrisy.  May a fresh spirit of participation in worship be yours as you listen to these messages! 

Spiritually Formative Singing
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Spiritually Formative Praying
Spiritually Formative Praying.mp3
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Spiritually Formative Communing
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Spiritually Formative Preaching
Spiritually Formative Preaching.mp3
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Spiritually Formative Giving
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The Five Point Checklist?
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