Small Group Ministries

Everything in life revolves around relationships . The most important relationship is a personal relationship with our heavenly Father through His Son Jesus Christ — a vertical relationship.
Horizontal relationships also bring value in this life. And the best horizontal relationships are covenant commitments to live with others, to become connected with others in a basic Christian community.
Through the various small groups at Sylvan Hills, we are committed to engage people in relationship connections, community service, spiritual growth and reaching others within the context of our vertical and horizontal relationships.
Our small groups are carried out in three different ways, each with their own unique characteristics and commitment.

 L2 Groups

The focus of an L2 group is to simply share a meal together in each other’s homes and spend time sharing our life stories with one another.
  • To encourage congregational fellowship – at a get to know you level.
  • To incorporate visitors and new members into the body.
  • Sign up by family.
  • Rotating attendance – new group 2 times a year.
  • Meet once a month, primarily Sunday meeting times.

Home Bible Study Groups

The focus of a Home Bible Study group is to engage in building deeper relationships with one another through time of Bible study and service to those around us.
  • Provide intentional, spiritual community – Through accountability, Bible study, and shared experiences, our groups are designed to foster community that pushes each other toward the life God has promised.
  • Help each group member become more like Jesus every week – Our groups spend time each week in prayer and Bible study in order to grow in our knowledge of God and our experience in the Kingdom.
  • Make consistent service a critical part of your community –We believe in participating in the Kingdom here in Sherwood\North Little Rock “as it is in heaven.”

Spiritual Formation Groups

The focus of a Spiritual Formation Group is to build intentional and deep spiritual bonds between each person in the group and to lead each into true spiritual transformative practices.
  • To provide opportunity for deep personal spiritual formation
  • To provide a safe, loving environment where growth and accountability are the expectation
  • To create lifelong spiritual friendships
  • Individual sign up (gender specific groups)
  • Long term attendance structure
    • Initial commitment of 8 weeks is required, at which point one can bow out gracefully
    • Group attendance and commitment will vary past the initial commitment period.