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Ladies' Ministry

At Sylvan Hills there are many opportunities for women to be involved in spiritual, service and social activities.  Multiple weekly Bible studies, an annual retreat, and times of ladies worship and prayer teach us, support us, and encourage us in our walk with God. Ongoing and one-time service opportunities include teaching or assisting in Bible classes or Children’s Worship, working in the benevolent program with clothing, furniture, or fund raising for those in need; preparing food for times of celebration, need, or bereavement; sewing projects and more. Socially you can find our ladies eating, taking in a movie, attending a craft or game night, or exercising together. Whether one-on-one, small groups, or large, the ladies at Sylvan Hills enjoy learning, worshiping, serving, and playing together.


Following are a few things we believe about and desire for our women’s ministry:


  • Women are an important part of the church (locally and globally). Spiritually strong women help us have spiritually strong families and a spiritually strong church. We have tremendous roles, responsibilities, and influence. Entire families, churches, and communities are affected as women are drawn closer to the Lord.


Even so, as a women’s ministry we are a part of a larger body of believers, a larger mission and ministry of Sylvan Hills. We are not and do not want to be an island to ourselves. We want to interlock with and support other ministries where possible.


  • We are a multi-generational, multi-situational group of women: Young to old, married, single, single again, with children, no children, widows, married but husband doesn’t attend, new Christian, mature Christian, working outside the home, not working outside the home, etc.


As such, the way we view our world, the church, and our needs differ. We have different needs, resources, and abilities but ultimately, we are all made in the image of God and are created with a purpose to serve Him. He intends for us to love and support each other regardless of these differences.


  • For the most part, we are busy women pulled in many directions. We don’t need activities for activities sake. Our desire is for our activities to be purposeful and to strengthen our relationships with God, our families, and/or others.


  • Our desire is to lead and point women to Christ—whether for the first time or as they are already on their spiritual journey. In so doing, we want to always glorify God and not ourselves, our women, our ministry, or our church.


  • We want to be Titus 2 women where one generation teaches then next and the next, leaving a legacy of faith for future generations.


  • As should all Christians, we want to be women who take seriously God’s instruction to take the gospel into all the world—to our own families, our community, our nation, and to the world.



Soul Sisters

SOUL Sisters is a ministry based on Titus 2:3-5 where women are paired with other women in hopes of developing close mentoring relationships. These pairings last for for six months, but the friendships last a lifetime.  


Goals of the ministry include building a relationship that places Jesus at the center, to grow in our love for God and for each other, and to provide a safe place to develop a Christian friendship.  Above all, we seek to glorify God.


Each part of Soul Sisters is bathed in prayer. Prior to each session, time is spent in prayer asking the Lord to bring the women He knows will benefit to it. The relationships are formed during an intense time of Prayer asking for the Spirit's Guidance in the pairings.  Each relationship has a Prayer Warrior assigned who is committed to pray every day for the relationship.


To get involved or find out more, contact:

• Alexa: Alexabg@sbcglobal.net

• Kathy: klacefield1928@gmail.com

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