Leaning Forward 04

A date has been set for Sylvan Hills’ 75th Anniversary – October 5-6, 2024. Which means we only have two years to prepare for this milestone. Part of the preparation is creatively planning fellowship activities and additional opportunities for praise and thanksgiving. There are pictures and directories to be gathered as well as a host of other details. But another vital part of preparing is the post-pandemic recovery of Sylvan Hills. There are many brethren who will be recognized for their legacy with Sylvan Hills in the past, but remember we are the Sylvan Hills of today. The facilities – our families – our mission works – our light in the local community – our vision for the future – is all currently entrusted to us. Pray diligently for our recovery and growth. It won’t happen without the Lord’s blessings. Examine your own dedication. Speak words of faith and encouragement to your brethren.