Leaning Forward 02

With the lower humidity I find myself spending an increasing amount of time sitting on the back deck enjoying the view of Sherwood Forest. Day by day over the next couple of months the shades of green will transform into vibrant gold, orange, and red and I’ll be reminded again of God’s excellence in creativity. I don’t listen to music when I’m sitting there, I just listen. Curiously, there are times when the birds and squirrels are communicating loudly with each other and at other times the forest is completely silent. Scripture tells us God speaks wisdom through nature. I can observe the healthy rhythms of a day, the need to prepare, the importance of being on alert, and the ways God provides for His creatures. But it’s hard to hear the message of wisdom in an office with the constant sounds of cars and sirens on Highway 107. My advice to you – find a way to get away this fall. And listen. “Until we intentionally discipline ourselves to be still and listen, we’ll miss most of what God is saying.” (Priscilla Shirer) Lord, noise drains me emotionally, physically, and spiritually. You fill me with creativity, peace, and patience. I’m listening.
Greg Clark